Goodbye Quartz! Sintered Stone is the new rising star

by | Dec 9, 2022 | sintered stones

Sintered Stone are created utilizing cutting-edge technology that mimics the processes that create natural stones.

They are made entirely of natural materials, with no polymers or resins added through the use of innovative technology that simulates the metamorphic process that occurs in nature over thousands of years. Under tremendous heat and pressure, combinations of all-natural powdered minerals are fused to make infinity sintered stone.

But what makes Sintered Stone so popular?

As you continue reading below, we have compiled a list of the benefits of infinity sintered stone.

Durable Material

Sintered stonemay provide striking aesthetic effects, such as bespoke forms while staying durable and simple to maintain.

Infinity-engineered surfaces provide long-term durability and agelessness, making them a good alternative to those concerned not only with initial expenses but also with life-cycle costs.

Stain & Heat-Resistant

Several beneficial features contribute to the appeal of sintered stone among homeowners, architects, and interior designers in Singapore and throughout the world. It is exceptionally hard, non-porous, and stain-resistant, with no need to seal.

With hot and humid weather like Singapore, infinity sintered stone is a good material to consider because it is stains resistant and heat resistant.


Sintered stones are non-porous infinity-designed surfaces that do not require sealing. This makes it food-safe and hygienic, and available in several slab sizes, making them a versatile solution for a variety of room and building types.


Sintered stone are extremely low in water absorption, which explains why they are such a popular option for use in kitchens and bathrooms where there is a high likelihood of frequent contact with liquids.

Spills here and there are quite normal at home, but with the extremely low in water absorption of sintered stone floor tiles, they can also be used as pool flooring.


Sintered stonecan be used for home flooring, bathrooms and kitchens, and swimming pool tiling, while bigger slabs can be used for kitchen worktops and exterior wall cladding.


Do you think sintered stone is best for your home in Singapore? We think it’s a great investment given the benefits mentioned. Sintered stone floor tiles are gradually eroding their market dominance, making it more evident to be chosen as an option for property developers, architects, interior designers, and homeowners who can only benefit the market in the long run.

And while these infinity-engineered surfaces are available at Stoneworks, we want to make certain that we provide you with the greatest options that come with the greatest range with the best pricing in the market.

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