How to Choose the Right Stone for Your Home: A Beginner’s Guide

by | Dec 14, 2022 | natural stones, sintered stones

Choosing natural stone floor tiles in Singapore over manufactured alternatives will unquestionably benefit your home from both an aesthetic and a functional standpoint.

Natural stone flooring is usually made up of marble, travertine, travertine, and granite–all of which have slightly different characteristics. 

It’s essential to understand the qualities of the stone flooring tile you’re considering purchasing and to assist you, so we’ve compiled a list of the most important factors to consider when searching for natural stone tiles.


Marble is a stone that is defined by its thick, crystalline structure and low porosity. Marble floor tiles are a popular choice among luxury stores, hotels, and even homes in Singapore. It is a desired and well-liked material to be used in buildings because of the way it is made, which allows for polishing to increase its brilliance.

Refined marble tiles with sealer applied are water-resistant because of their low porosity. However, because calcium carbonate dissolves quickly in some acids, marble’s main constituent is quite vulnerable to acidic substances.

Because marble reacts variably to chlorides, sulfates, and other chemical substances, the exact impact of acidic contact differs. This method generates waste with a wide variety of soluble qualities that might damage the durability of marble. As a result, determining which forms of pollutants cause the marble to degrade is critical.


In a lot of ways, travertine tile is similar to any type of flooring. It is ideally suited for some settings, but not for others. 

Travertine natural stone tiles have small, porous holes. These gaps, although practically imperceptible to the human eye, are nonetheless big enough to let damaging dirt and moisture through. Over time, this can harm the floor, making it more prone to early yellowing, chipping, or cracking.

To limit the possibility of damage, it is critical to seal travertine floors when they are placed. Every three to five years, sealant has to be reapplied to offer long-lasting defense against damage.

There is no denying the rich, classical elegance of travertine flooring, and with the right care and upkeep, travertine resists chipping and scratching, making it ideal for houses with young children (or big pets!) Adding travertine floors can raise the value of your home before you put it up for sale.


Granite floor tiles are well-known for their appearance and durability. It looks well in conventional and contemporary houses, as well as rustic décor schemes since there are so many different colour and treatment options available. While it is not the most inexpensive flooring material available, it is worth investing in because it is extremely durable.

Granite is a good heat conductor because pulls heat away from your body as you stand on it, which is a big bonus in hot and humid places like Singapore where natural stone tiles are highly preferred.


With this information, you can choose the ideal tiles for your house, building, or hotel.

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