Is Granite Stone the right one for your house?

by | Dec 8, 2022 | natural stones

Are you considering revamping your space? If so, replacing your floor tiles is a great way to achieve an overall new aesthetic. Granite floor tiles have long been regarded as a luxurious material, adorning the hallways and lobbies of structures ranging from mansions to grand hotels and skyscrapers. But the colors and textures of nature are also great for your home!

As you read along, we enumerate the pros and cons of Granite Floor Tiles to assist you to evaluate if natural stone floor tiles are precisely what you need.

Pros of Granite Floor Tiles

Granite is an excellent choice for an exquisite and long-lasting investment in your house and property. The durability of granite floor tiles makes them one of the most often used natural stone flooring solutions.

When you have granite tile flooring, you may prevent allergens and asthma triggers by cleaning it on a regular basis. Sweep your granite tile floors once a week to eliminate pet dander, dust, grime, and other allergies. Mopping your granite floors once a week can help them last longer.

Low Maintenance 
Granite requires relatively little upkeep. Simple sweeping and mopping should be enough to keep your floors looking beautiful.

Aesthetically Pleasing
With many colors and styles available in the market, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your home. Because granite is formed by natural volcanic processes that include a diversity of minerals and temperatures, it has a vast range of hues and patterns. White, black, beige, brown, blue, and red are the most prevalent hues.

Cons of Granite Floor Tiles

Difficult to Install
The weight of granite makes installation relatively challenging. Consider logging over 4,000 pounds of tile on your own. Stoneworks, situated in Singapore, provides installation in addition to our natural stone catalog.

Quite Pricey
Granite flooring is relatively pricey since it is both aesthetically pleasing and sturdy. Installing high-quality granite floor tiles in a small space, like a bathroom, can run you at least several thousand dollars. This also covers the numerous sealants the flooring needs to maintain its luster and beauty.

With this knowledge, you can choose your granite flooring wisely. We want to be sure that we are giving you the best options. As a result, Stoneworks provides a great range of natural stone tiles based in Singapore. From marble floor tiles to travertine natural stone tiles, and granite floor tiles, we provide you the broadest selection with the best prices on the market. 

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