Considering Natural Stone Tiles for your next renovation? Here are the Pros and Cons

by | Oct 3, 2022 | natural stones

Pros of using Natural Stone Tiles


Without a doubt, stone is a strong substance. It can tolerate pressure and can withstand tremendous stress without breaking or suffering any damage. Additionally, it can handle wear and tear from your heavy furniture, as well as foot activity.

Frequent washing and cleaning will not significantly change the appearance of your stone flooring. In addition, the stones’ inherent beauty won’t be tarnished by frost, rain, or sunlight, making your stone flooring highly durable.


When building your flooring tiles, you may choose from a variety of stones. From natural stone, marble, and travertine to granite, each has its own aesthetic and function. When it comes to upgrading flooring, both marble and travertine are popular options among homemakers. People frequently mistake the two marble and travertine since travertine is frequently considered to be a kind of marble. In fact, a lot of people mistakenly believe that travertine is simply another name for marble, but this is untrue. Marble is composed of white calcite crystals with colored mica inclusions in the form of grains that are bound together like jigsaw puzzle pieces. Marble floor or countertops can withstand heat from pans remarkably well because it is heat resistant. Styling equipment shouldn’t harm your bathroom’s countertop surface as they heat up if you place them there.Travertine, on the other hand, is formed at higher temperatures and pressures as well, but it does so in limestone caverns and hot springs.It is available in white, tan, cream-colored, and even rusty variations, and frequently has a fibrous or concentric appearance.
While debating to choose travertine or marble, Granite floor tiles also give you this speckled, shiny look which is excellent for your internal floors, while travertine natural stone tiles are great investment pieces for your floors and accent walls. On the other hand, marble slabs are suitable for flooring, too, but they also make great kitchen counters.

Natural stone, from marble and travertine to granite, are beautiful possibilities for you, but they can be overwhelming to pick from. Fret not, we’ll help you learn more about these stones so you can choose something you love.


Due to its ability to be polished, finished, and coated, stone flooring can endure dampness and less prone to discolour, and retains dirt. Cleaning your stone floor with water and detergent will keep it appearing fresh.


In Singapore’s hot and humid weather, stones make an excellent investment for your home as they can naturally absorb heat produced throughout the day and release it gradually at night. As a result, you will not need to turn on your air conditioner as frequently, allowing you to reduce the amount of money you pay for bills.

Cons of using Natural Stone Tiles

Quite Costly

Despite being one of the most durable flooring alternatives, the Stone is also one of the priciest. In addition to the cost of the stones, you will spend a lot of money installing them. Typically, the price of installing Stone is calculated per square foot. 

With Stoneworks’ range of stone materials in Singapore, you may select from our lineup of natural stone, marble floor tiles, travertine natural stone, and granite floor tiles.
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