Sintered Stone vs Engineered Quartz, what are the differences?

by | Oct 15, 2022 | sintered stones

Sintered Stone

Sintering is a procedure that results in sintered stones. It occurs when materials are heated together to form a solid item. The sintering procedure is essentially the artificial equivalent of the extreme heat and pressure that the earth applies to materials to produce certain surfaces.
When compared to porcelain, sintered stone is a relatively new material. In contrast to porcelain, which has been around for a while, the sintered stone is pretty unique. Even though the two materials are distinct, there are some commonalities. In other words, these materials are manufactured using a similar procedure.

How do you clean and maintain?

Compared to other natural stones that take a lot of scrubbing, it is simple to clean. With soap and water or a stone cleaner, you can quickly wipe the surface clean. It’s incredibly simple to keep up with. You don’t have to be concerned about scratching the slab surface while setting down your kitchen sink or any other furniture, even an office desk. Spills and splashes that may be made while cooking in the kitchen or hosting dinner parties with guests are the only major maintenance you may need to do.

Engineered Quartz

Engineered Quartz is a manmade product that is mostly made from natural materials and the balance of the material made up of pigments and resin binders. It is constructed out of robust, nonporous slabs that are 90 to 94 percent pulverised quartz and 6 to 10 percent resins and colours. Even in its produced state, quartz is strong enough to be naturally resistant to abrasion, scratches, dents, and even acids without the use of sealant.

How do you clean and maintain?

Countertops made of engineered quartz are simple to keep clean and maintain. Cleaning on a daily basis is best done with soap and warm water. Use a nonabrasive cleaner, such as Soft Scrub, to remove a tough spill. The only regular maintenance required is to steer clear of harsh cleaners that can degrade the polished appearance. Keep in mind that honed surfaces require more frequent cleaning and exhibit more use-related scuffs and fingerprints than other finishes. 

Choosing between the two is entirely up to your inkling, preference, and of course, design taste. Stoneworks is here to help you narrow down your choices. Should you need any design assistance or want to learn more about Stoneworks and what we do, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us here.

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