Why Choose Slim Tiles For Your Next Home

by | Jun 21, 2022 | slim tiles, sintered stones

Currently, in Singapore, slim tiles/sintered stones are quickly gaining immense popularity due to their hard and versatile nature despite only being 6mm thick. With a variety of options, slim tiles can provide a trendy home look and style that many homeowners are looking for. Hence, here are five reasons why you should consider them for your next home renovation.

Slim tiles allow a fuss-free makeover when laid over existing floor tiles

If you are currently looking for a quick transformation for your new or existing home, slim tiles are the best choice for you. They can be laid over existing floor or wall tiles with no hacking required. Slim tiles can also be applied directly to plastered walls as well as cabinetries. As the tiles are lightweight due to their slim nature, they would not add much bulk or weight to your surfaces.

Installation is cost-effective and time-saving

Slim tiles usually come in a large format tile in the size of 300cm by 100cm. Therefore, lesser manpower would be required for installation as the typical ceiling height for a HDB unit in Singapore is 2.6m. This means that just a single tile can cover the wall space from floor to ceiling. At Stoneworks, our Infinity porcelain slabs have sizes ranging up to 324cm by 162cm for you to choose from should you require larger sizes.

Slim tiles make your home space look larger

Due to the larger format of slim tiles, it would require using lesser tiles to cover the space. This would minimise the number of joint lines, providing your home a more seamless finish for a spacious-looking interior.

Slim tiles are more cost-efficient

As slim tiles are made from porcelain tiles, they are more durable as compared to ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles are denser as compared to ceramic hence, less porous. This means that porcelain tiles are harder, more durable, and absorb less water which makes them more suitable for high footfall areas such as homes because they would last longer. Additionally, lesser labour would be required to install these tiles as you would require a smaller quantity of tiles.

Great style choice

Slim tiles can replicate the look of timber, stone, and metal to give you the décor scheme you want without the attendant cost and maintenance issues associated with using natural materials. Therefore, you do not have to worry about issues about warping, staining, or even porosity.

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