Once our Stoneworks professionals have assembled your marble, you can now begin to enjoy a lifetime of elegance and allure of the marble, Travertine and granite.

For daily cleaning, your cleaning agents matter. Look for eco-friendly or "green" cleaners, for gentle yet effective results. Also avoid cleaning products that contain bleach, degreasing substances, or ammonia. Dish soap should be used sparingly, to keep your stone in tip top condition. Most regular household cleaners contain acid, which can damage the finish. Cleaners with citric acid or wax must be avoided. Use neutral cleaners, such as phosphate-free soultions or dishwashing liquids.

Rinse the soap off immediately with warm water keeping your stone from drying out. In addition, after cleaning, you may wish to seal your stone countertop to keep oils and dirt from causing damage. Using a stone sealer swill help it resist dirt and oil for peace of mind.